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Welcome to Lavish Tantric London. We pride ourselves in providing the most exceptional tantric massage in London.

When you choose Lavish Tantric London for your Erotic Tantric Massage, we promise a tantric and sensual experience like no other.  Based in Central London, our team cover several locations in the city, including Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Earls Court, Marylebone, Paddington, Marble Arch, Mayfair, City of London, Park Lane, Soho, Kensington, Lancaster Gate and Bayswater. We offer either Incall tantric massage sessions or Outcall tantric massage sessions.
As one of the best Tantric Massage Agency in London, Lavish Tantric London, carefully handpicked all of our tantric massage masseuses. No matter who you will end up choosing, we want to be sure that your Tantric Massage experience will be unforgettable!

With numerous incall locations throughout London, all the ladies are available for advanced and ASAP bookings, in less than 45 minutes.

We offer a wide variety of sensual Tantric Massages in Central London, including Body to Body Massage, Adult Massage, Tantric Massage, Nuru Massage, Couples Massage, Four Hands Massage, Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage, Aqua Massage.

Our Tantric Masseuses will play soft, meditative music to enhance the auditory senses, so the massage recipient feels more at peace with her surroundings. Ensure the room is warm and in a comfortable setting. To turn the sexual temperature up even higher, silk scarves, long black gloves and feathers are used to vary touch and heighten pleasure.

What Is Tantric Massage?

Tantric Massage is an Ancient form of Sacred Touch that Harmoniously Unites Sexuality, Spirituality, Body & Mind

In an atmosphere of deep respect, complete attention, caution, respect and trust, the person who receives can open up, show their emotions, feel love and pleasure at the same time. When the energies of the two people flow, and there is no pursuit of the goal of orgasm, the tantric massage leads to a high dimension of relaxation and becomes a meditation. A tantric massage session can lead to a very spiritual experience that develops sexual potential and contributes to well-being at all levels. Breathing has a vital role during the massage because it helps to be present, aware of the body and energy expands.

The tantric massage is an intimate full-body massage, and if the person is receiving so wishes, the tantric massage also includes the genitals, as well as the male or female sacred point. The name in Sanskrit for the penis is “Lingam” which means rod of light, and for the vagina, it is “Yoni” which means sacred temple. Through the tantric massage, the sexual energy (Kundalini) can be awakened to be distributed throughout parts or the whole body. This way, the energy channels can be purified and the chakras balanced.

Tantric massage is a hands-on practice that differs from traditional massage because it incorporates the tantric essence of shakti (also known as energy). This form of massage works to remove blockages modern folks face, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, sexual or even psychosomatic.

Key benefits of Tantric Massage:


Stress Relief:

Stress has become an integral part of our fast-paced everyday lives. The pressure of making consistent decisions, working long hours in an office, managing work and family, all these cause stress. However, when you undergo a tantric massage, it makes your body feel light, clears your mind, and helps you relax and forgo all the tension and stress. Therefore, every once in a while, when you feel stressed, have a tantric sensual massage.


Sex Education:

In many cultures of the world, sex education is merely adequate; therefore, both the genders are unprepared for any sexual interaction and sensuality. Having a tantric massage is the best way to learn about your body, and how each organ of your body provides you with sensual delight. The tantric sensual massage gives you an insight into what your body is and which parts can make you feel a particular sensation, thus when you interact sexually, you know what pleases you and your partner.


Premature Ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation mainly occurs due to the pressure of performing. Men in most societies are considered the ‘doers’, therefore, out of this pressure of performance, men ejaculate prematurely. On the other hand, tantric massage takes the pressure of performing off from men. With no goals and objective in mind, men perform well sexually, and the problem of premature ejaculation diminishes. The tantric sensual massage teaches you to enjoy the moment and during your time with the partner last longer.

Benefits of Erotic Massage Services

Some of the positive effects of these tantric massages include:

  • Form a deeper connection with your mind and body.
  • Become a better and more intimate lover.
  • Achieve a more durable and more enjoyable orgasms.
  • Experience intense pleasure, unlike anything else.
  • Eliminate issues that are holding you back from fulfilling your sexual potential.
  • Reduce your stress levels within minutes.

Orgasm for Men:

Over time, the hormone level in body tends to decline, because of which older men feel little sexual arousal and no orgasm. Older gentleman can especially benefit from tantric massage. The sensual massage helps men to stimulate and trigger the production of sex hormones, resulting in minimal erectile problems and orgasm, even in latter parts of the age.

Sex and Women:

Women, in most of the cases, suffer during intercourse due to their partner’s lack of knowledge of their body, as well as their limited knowledge about their body parts. Tantric massage can help women educate about their body and the specific needs and tactics that provides them with greater pleasure and sensuality during sexual activity.

In short, tantric massage, besides being just a sensual massage that provides you sensual pleasure, can also provide you with other health benefits besides improving your sexual experience. Therefore, whenever you get the chance, enjoy a tantric massage and regain your energy and spirit. Tantric massage is a holistic bodywork approach. In the massage, the practitioner helps your entire body relax and awakens the senses with gentle and conscious touch. We allow the sexual energy to stimulate and increase during the massage, but we do not let the energy be wasted. Instead, we spread the power to the whole body, lifting the energy in the body and refine it to the more subtle and higher quality. Sexual energy is our life force, the force of our real creativity. This powerful energy opens up the body and helps it to heal in a gentle and lovely way.

We aim to complete client satisfaction and repeat business. We also are proud of all our perfect ladies who are trained, highly skilled and passionate about their profession, ensuring your session will be unique and unforgettable. A Tantric Massage Session can be a sublime way for men, women and couples to explore their sensuality, to let themselves lost in a deeper level of pleasure and to release their inhibitions. The person experiencing the massage will most definitely sense whether you are deriving as much gratification as him/herself. It is only possible to awaken the recipient’s sensuality completely by touching them with full awareness and admiration. Relishing the feeling of their skin, the heat projected from their body and the sound of their breathing. It is essential to get in synchronisation with them emotionally, physically as well as spiritually.

Enjoy one of life’s little luxuries!

The time that you spend with our massage experts will leave you wanting more. Our teasing tantric massage agency in London awaits you. We are providing you with everything you need to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the unforgettable experience.

If you’re struggling to vision a tantric massage from one of our beautiful masseuses, make a booking with us! Here at Lavish Tantric London, we’re purveyors of the most excellent massages in the capital that will release stress and ensure that you feel fabulous from start to finish. The way we work is to offer you the variety that you want with the quality that we pride ourselves on when we are providing our erotic massage services.

Who can benefit from a tantric massage?

Do you want to solve pathological problems or difficulties with your sexuality?

Do you want to discover how to use your sexual energy to release blockages and patterns?

Do you want to celebrate your sexuality and live fully and consciously?

Do you want to improve your sexuality and your intimate relationships as you develop spiritually?

Would you like to deepen your self-knowledge?

Do you want to expand your sensual and sexual experience beyond the instinctive impulse and the hectic pace of life?

If you now feel addressed, then a tantric massage is right for you.

Several tantric massage agencies in London offer tantric massages or body to body massages, but most of them are prohibitively expensive for the average person. We offer very competitive rates and discounts so that you can get only the best body to body massage services you need without going over your budget. If you want to learn more about our rates, you can contact us directly. We will give a quote based on the specifics of the type of the tantric massage or body to body massage you want. Massage therapy shouldn’t be a service that is only available to the wealthy, and our prices reflect that feeling.

Enquire about our tantric massage today, and our masseuses can take care of the rest – Call us today at +44 7432727770 or send us an email at [email protected]

Open daily 10am – 2am

Mia is natural, caring and is written all over her beautiful face that she is a kind woman. I loved that. Her massage skills are amazing. Thank you !"


Absolutely amazing professional services. Candles and music, the flat was clean and nice. I will book Sophie again for sure. Thanks


Ashley made my day happier. I felt relaxed"


I saw Anita a couple of times now. She makes me feel good everytime. See you soon!


The most loveable girl I’ve ever met. She makes me so happy. See you again soon darling. Kisses



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