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Ladies, this is only for you! Close your eyes and disconnect from the outside world.

Originally, Yoni, meaning “source of life” or “sacred temple,” is the symbol of female energy. It is also the Sanskrit word for “vagina” and, in this context, acquires the meaning of “place of birth”.

In this sense, yoni massages are made only for women who want to explore their body knowledge, pleasure sensations, or even to unlock barriers to their sexuality, body and pleasure.

This is a technique practised for more than 4,000 years, originating in the Tantra philosophy.

Discover something you’ve never felt before; The Yoni Tantric Massage is a truly unparalleled experience, a sensual massage that is only for you!

Safe, pleasure and relaxation

These are the keywords that come to our minds when we provide this luxurious and unsurpassed massage just for ladies.

It’s natural to feel a little bit nervous about your first Yoni Tantric Massage, but don’t let this stay in the way of your perfect massage experience. Our masseuses trained to relax you, helping you forget all the stress that you accumulated in time.

Every Yoni Tantric Massage is tailored precisely for your desires and fantasies. Regardless of your size, shape, nationality or any other thing that comes to your mind, our masseuses will give you the best experience of your life. You will feel safe, relaxed and satisfied.

What to expect from the Yoni Tantric Massage

In the beginning, you will connect with your masseuse of your choice by synchronising your breathing. When you feel ready, the masseuse will guide you to lie on your front and feel the pleasure of warm oil on your back in combination with masseuse’s magical hands. Every inch of your body will be stimulated, and nothing will remain untouched. When the masseuse guides you to turn on your back, the sexual pleasure will begin. The same magical hands will touch your breasts and nipples, and you will start to feel something you may never encounter in your entire life.

Please see the masseuses’ profiles for their rates.

Yoni Massage’s Benefits

Throughout life, the woman accumulates barriers between itself and the full discovery of its body. Most of these blockages originate from ageing and daily-basis stress, but also lack of proper eating habits and healthy living, fear and shame, as well as physical and emotional traumas of a sexual or non-sexual nature.

Yoni massage, through toning the vaginal muscles and surrounding area, provides an unlocking, self-awareness, relaxation and pleasure that goes far beyond usual sexual experience.

Besides, yoni massage contributes to the enhancement of the production of hormones essentials for libido and self-esteem.

Yoni Massage’s Purpose

Like Lingam massage, the goal is to remove the sexual nature of the touch, and we advise women to not seek or be in a hurry to achieve orgasm during the session.

Among the many objectives of the Yoni massage, we stand out:

  • To develop new possibilities of pleasure, under a new self-perspective (with the awareness of ourselves, our body and sensations felt);
  • Provide sensory development, capable of agreeing with mechanisms linked to supraconsciousness, growth, expansion and altered states of consciousness.
  • Promote the experience of multiple orgasms;
  • To give the woman greater awareness of her body, through the touch and discovery of new sensations, throughout the body, including Yoni;
  • Recognition of their sensory and orgasmic potential;

This is the experience of a total, physical, emotional, and spiritual ecstasy, where there is no longer separation and where unity takes place: Unyo Mystica.

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